Change Before You Have To

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Obstacles Are Unavoidable

KEY IDEA. We can’t avoid the obstacles associated with change.

Do you want to avoid obstacles in your life? Here’s an easy process. Sit perfectly still on your sofa for the remainder of your life. Even then, you’ll probably run into a few unavoidable obstacles.

You probably have a natural tendency to avoid obstacles. That’s normal. However, life is full of obstacles. You can’t predict the unseen. You can, however, minimize the obstacles by maintaining your focus on the change you are trying to make. When you focus on the obstacles, you will turn back toward the past. When you focus on the goal, you will maintain your momentum.

Paul had good reason to turn back. His ministry was full of obstacles. He chose, however, to maintain his focus on the calling on his life. He persevered. Will you turn back or press on?

TAKE ACTION TODAY. Think about one of the changes you need to make. What are some obstacles you might encounter? How can you be prepared to deal with them?