Change Before You Have To

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The Influence Dilemma

KEY IDEA. Change happens in response to the influences in your life.

Think about the number of influencing messages you receive every day. People want you to buy something, think something, or do something that you might not normally do. The way they get you to cooperate is through the exertion of their influence.

In every situation in life, you are either influencing or being influenced. There is no neutral ground. Change happens when you give into an influence. Change also happens when you influence other people or situations.

When faced with an opportunity to change, you must resolve the dilemma. Will you allow your natural resistance to prevent change or will you allow your desire for different results to encourage change?

The book of Proverbs reminds us about the influential aspect of wisdom. When godly wisdom affects your thinking processes, your life will be changed for the better.

TAKE ACTION TODAY. Evaluate the key relationships in your life. Are you being influenced or influencing?