Change Before You Have To

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Ringo was right…It don’t come easy.

KEY IDEA. Just because change is hard doesn’t mean it is unnecessary.

Ringo Starr probably isn’t among your list of notable thinkers. His song It Don’t Come Easy is, however, a profound statement about change—change isn’t easy. Because change isn’t easy, you might think it’s unnecessary. After all, we live in a culture where we want everything to be easy, right?

Anything worth having is worth working for. Change is worth the effort. When you begin to change, you’ll discover a world of opportunity you never dreamed possible. If you resist change, you’ll find yourself living far below your potential.

The Israelites were resistant to change. In spite of God’s continual mercy and grace, they stuck with their old ways of thinking. A generation of them missed out on the opportunity to experience the Promised Land because change was too hard. Refusing to change always has consequences.

TAKE ACTION TODAY. Identify some of the hard changes you need to make. What is keeping you from making those changes?