Change Before You Have To

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The Bondage Masquerade

KEY IDEA. We often limit our potential by living in bondage to old ways of thinking.

Whatever you get used to becomes your “normal.” Kids raised in third world poverty get used to eating a cup of rice almost every day. You have your own version of normal, as well.

Your normal is the arena in which you live. You romp and play within its boundaries because that’s all you’ve ever known. You believe you are experiencing freedom, but in reality you are living in bondage.

Bondage often masquerades as freedom, making people believe they don’t need to change. We’re much like zoo animals that don’t see the fences separating them from their full potential.

In his letter to believers, James tried to explain the source of the problems they were experiencing. He told them that they thought they were free, yet they were living in bondage to their old ways of thinking. Are you living in freedom or bandage?

TAKE ACTION TODAY. Identify some of the things that are limiting your potential and keeping you in bondage.