Change Before You Have To

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Because or Before?

KEY IDEA. You can change before you have to instead of because you have to.

You will change. Period. It is inevitable. The question is, “When will you change?” Will you change because you have to or before you have to? We all know people who have been forced to change. People lose jobs, suffer debilitating diseases, and deal with other life-altering situations that cause them to change. These people changed because they had to.

Other people change before they have to. They see the writing on the wall and make the necessary adjustments. They pursue new career opportunities or begin dealing with their health issues. They recognize the inevitability of change and are willing to face change with confidence.

Jesus entered a world that was resistant to change. The Pharisees stood as guardians to an old way of thinking. They were not interested in changing their beliefs. Jesus gave them the opportunity to change before they had to. They refused.

TAKE ACTION TODAY. In what areas of life are you resistant to change? What would happen if you were forced to change in one or more of those areas?