Lecrae - The Unashamed Devotional

Lecrae - The Unashamed Devotional

DAY 6 OF 6



The media we consume every day subliminally tells us what to look like, how to feel, and how to act. We can be teased for any little thing that sets us apart from others around us. It's easy to get caught up in the pressure to change and conform. But then, the problem is we begin to lose our identity in the process.

We were all designed to be beautiful and unique. God has given us all different skills, passions, and characteristics. We weren’t created to fit in. You were created by God to be you and only you. God knows who He created you to be.

Think about a puzzle. To complete it you need all the pieces, all of which are completely different. You can't substitute one piece for another. That is exactly like us. If we were all the same, this world would lack so much. It would be boring. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all have different dreams and passions. Can you imagine if the whole world was exactly like you?

God designed us to need each other. We all don't have all the strengths, and we all are full of weaknesses. We were designed to do life together.

The challenge for today is find something that sets you apart from the people in your life. Find ways to use that unique trait to glorify God today.

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Lecrae - The Unashamed Devotional

Lecrae guides us through this 6-day video devo on the essentials of "manning up" to live the unashamed life.  Each day has a video, scripture and a challenge.  We can't wait to hear how this blueprint will help shape you...

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