Lecrae - The Unashamed Devotional

Lecrae - The Unashamed Devotional

DAY 3 OF 6



What does it look like to “man up”? What does it look like to become an adult?

We often let culture influence what we believe it means to grow up. We create our own rites of passage: The first time I get drunk. When I lose my virginity. When I land my first job. Or maybe when I get married.

We need to seek out what God says instead of what the world says. The ultimate principle of manning up is understanding that we are weak and that we can't do life by our own strength. It’s realizing that we need help, guidance, and wisdom. We need a model.

We need to understand that God does have rites of passage to growing up: It’s accepting responsibility, rejecting passivity, living courageously, and living sacrificially. When we embrace these things, we start becoming the men and women God has called us to be.

The challenge for today is to find a way to be more courageous in your faith. Maybe that means standing up and saying “no” to something you know you need to stop doing. Or saying “yes” to a new, good habit. Maybe it is having a conversation with someone about what you believe.

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Lecrae - The Unashamed Devotional

Lecrae guides us through this 6-day video devo on the essentials of "manning up" to live the unashamed life.  Each day has a video, scripture and a challenge.  We can't wait to hear how this blueprint will help shape you...

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