Lecrae - The Unashamed Devotional

Lecrae - The Unashamed Devotional

DAY 2 OF 6



We live in a culture of constant comparison. We scroll through Facebook or Instagram and see only the highlights of people's lives. We see their “perfect” job, their “perfect” family, and all the awesome things they have. It doesn’t take long before we begin to compare our own life to others, and we quickly become dissatisfied with what we have. We start to want more and more things.

We convince ourselves that our life would be better and that we would be happier if we could change our circumstances. If we had a different job. If we had more money. The problem is that we turn our attention to all these things rather than to God.

The problem isn't the world; it's a heart matter. Until you deal with your heart, it won't matter how many possessions, achievements, or accomplishments you have. Compared to everyone else, it’s easy to see what we don’t have, where we’re lacking, and how we don’t measure up.

Comparison is the breeding ground for disappointment. We need to redirect our attention towards a far more beneficial pursuit. We need to focus on God and who He created us to be.

The challenge for today is to write down some of the things you strive for. Money? A relationship? A certain job? Whenever you feel unsatisfied with these things, read Romans 12:2.


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Lecrae - The Unashamed Devotional

Lecrae guides us through this 6-day video devo on the essentials of "manning up" to live the unashamed life.  Each day has a video, scripture and a challenge.  We can't wait to hear how this blueprint will help shape you...

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