Lecrae - The Unashamed Devotional

Lecrae - The Unashamed Devotional

DAY 5 OF 6



No one likes to be made fun of, and it's never fun to go through hard times. However, in our lives, we need to realize that encountering negativity and hardship are inevitable. There are always going to be troubles. These are aspects of life that we need to embrace and realize that with God’s help we are going to get through them.

People we thought were close to us might start talking negatively about us. We might lose out on certain opportunities or be excluded from social outings and events. At times it will be hard, but when we find our strength in Christ our faith will grow.

We can find confidence in Jesus, who we look up to. We can realize that He had so many haters in his life that they killed him. The Word of God tells us that our faith is going to be tested and that when we trust in Jesus, it will make us stronger.

The challenge for today is when you come upon hardship or persecution, read today’s verse and thank God for his strength and endurance. It's going to be painful, but God can use these moments to help us grow.

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Lecrae - The Unashamed Devotional

Lecrae guides us through this 6-day video devo on the essentials of "manning up" to live the unashamed life.  Each day has a video, scripture and a challenge.  We can't wait to hear how this blueprint will help shape you...

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