Lecrae - The Unashamed Devotional

Day 1 of 6 • This day’s reading




Who or what do you find your identity in? Is it a sports team? Your friends? The music you listen to? The job that you have?

The definition of identity is ‘the character or personality of an individual’. Your identity is literally what makes you who you are. This can be really tough to figure out because we are all constantly learning who we are each day.

When you don't know your true identity in Jesus, you won’t know who or what to listen to. When you don’t know who to listen to, it’s easy to compromise your faith and find your identity in other things.

You can spend your whole life striving for a certain status, a certain career, or an amount of money, but it will ultimately be futile. It is an impossible goal to find your identity in them.

The challenge for today is to test the things in your life. What are the things you find your identity in? Write them down. Pray and ask Jesus to help you find your identity in Him.