Resonate: A Musical Documentary On God And Creativity


“Song Story: I Can’t Make it Grow”

Believing that God means what He says is easier said than done sometimes. What do you do when you have more doubt than faith? Brianna’s song “I Can’t Make it Grow” is a creative outpouring about this struggle. Much of your walk as a Christian will be spent learning to surrender to Jesus. It may sound simple but there is a reason Jesus devoted so many parables to the discussion of faith. Clearly, it is something we need to hear.

We live in a society where we are encouraged to question and doubt, and to insert our own ideologies when those that are handed to us fall short. Jesus models something entirely different. In the face of doubt, fear, and questions he says, “not my will, but yours be done.”

How can you follow Jesus’ example? He lays it out in his lesson on prayer. The Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6 serves as a great model for all prayers. Jesus begins by thanking God for who He is and asking Him to reveal His nature before making requests for needs to be met. The habit of prayer becomes an act of submission to God’s will for your life. What’s beautiful about this is we know that the Father does not abandon promises to His children! So no, you cannot make your own faith grow, but you can choose to follow Jesus and say 'yes' to him every day.

How can you say 'yes' to God today?