Resonate: A Musical Documentary On God And Creativity

Day 7 of 10 • This day’s reading


“Finding His Fingerprints”

The opening verses of John 1 are beautifully mysterious. There is a lot happening there! To put it simply, nothing in the universe came into being without God’s influence. He cannot be stopped by distance or darkness--nothing can extinguish the life He has spoken into existence. God’s fingerprints are all around you, not only in nature and in works of art created by Christian artists. There is no limit to the places God can inhabit with His grace, with His unmerited favor.

Jesus is pursuing your heart every day, longing to show himself to you. There are so many love songs out there. Pick a favorite and imagine your Creator and friend saying those things to you. You might be surprised by the worship that can come out of that experience.

The songs, poems, sculptures, paintings, and other beautiful things you create will have the fingerprints of your loving Creator all over them, because his fingerprints are on you. Stop and think about a creative product that moves you and draws you to Jesus. It could be a song you grew up listening to or a film that moves you to tears. There is no limit to the grace God has dispersed throughout the world. Enjoy Him in His creation and go create something new with Him!