Resonate: A Musical Documentary On God And Creativity


“Resonate God’s Beauty”

To resonate; to produce or be filled with a deep, full, reverberating sound.

Resonate Campaign is, at its heart, driven by this definition; echoing the deep reverberating sound of our Creator back into the world. Here is the mission of Resonate: “An initiative pursuing relationship with God as Creator in order to develop excellence in our mirroring creativity, that the beauty of God would revive the heart of man.”

Where do you witness the beauty of God? It is not the same for every believer. Some hearts are stirred at the sounds of instruments and voices praising God. Others are struck most by the power of God’s creative hand in the peaks of mountains or the crash of thunder. Architecture, parenting, physics, cooking; there are no limits or restrictions on how the beauty of God will invade your life.

The goal of Resonate Campaign is for your pursuit of God as creator to revive the hearts of those around you. Pause for a moment and ask the Father some questions. Where do I see your beauty, God? How can I mirror your creative nature in my life?

We want to encourage you on your creative journey by giving you a free download of the song featured in this video. [Click HERE to get the song “I Won’t Rest Until” by Brianna Gaither.]