Love What Matters

"Love Does Not Envy"

When discussing the topic of love and how to accept others, there is no room for envy or coveting. We each have a relationship with Christ whether we accept it or not. He has the same amount of love, affection, and time for each and every one of us. It may seem as though “good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people,” which can be where we get a majority of envy within quarrels, but when looking at stories such as Job, or Daniel in the Lion’s Den, or Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors, you see a pattern of bad things, trials, death, and destruction being thrown into the face of a seemingly good person who then had to overcome, fight, and pray their way back to the top.

Job lost everything. Did he lose faith? No. Was he rewarded upon completion of his tribulation? Tenfold. He received more than he could have ever imagined. He did not get angry and wish his troubles upon someone else or even pray for the life of another man. He continued to pray and ask for strength and guidance until the day of recompense was upon him.

Question & Answer: What do you feel envy towards? Are you going through a rough patch that is causing you to envy someone else? I challenge you to think of the positives, no matter how small, and focus on those.

Write a note, keep a reminder, whatever it takes to make sure you begin focusing on the good.