Love What Matters

"Love Is Kind"

According to the New International Version of the Bible, the first time we see the word kind referenced as an act and root word of kindness is with Genesis chapter nineteen during the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. When two angels entered the city of Sodom, Lot approached them in wonderment and insisted they come back to his home for care and protection. Once an angry mob surrounded his house demanding for the men and shouting profanity, Lot continued to protect them and offer his home and heart.

The angels then proceeded to explain to Lot his need for protection and to grab his family to flee the town. Lot took his wife and daughters to do so, but during his conversation with God, Lot praises Him and proclaims his gratefulness for the safety God has granted his family. Lot tells the Lord he has found kindness in the eyes of God. I would say this example of being kind is one of enormous measure to begin with in our Bibles.

Lot went out of his way and against all safe odds just to protect God’s angels; in this same sense God then chose to protect Lot and his (willing) family members from the ultimate doom and calamity of the city. They spared each other’s lives and shared a love and respect from their initial meeting.

Question & Answer: Can you imagine a world where everyone was so kind to each other that they would protect and love any child of God that came in their presence? Is kindness an action or a thought in your life? What is the greatest example of kindness you have encountered?

I challenge you to engage in a random act of kindness toward a stranger; something fun, simple, huge, or even ongoing!