30DaysOfBibleLettering - Round 3

“All things hold together”

A person who came earlier than you had more time for preparation. More time to check out the location. More time to get to know everything and everyone. More time in all aspects. When a person arrives before you, you could let it bother you or you could appreciate the knowledge they bring.

It’s your decision. And it’s the same with God. This verse basically tells you that He has been there before you. He had more time for preparation, He knows the surroundings better than you, and He knows everything and everyone that you may face. God has been there before you to support you, not to harm you.

He wants you to profit from his experience and knowledge. But we must decide whether we want to appreciate and trust him, or if we even want to believe God or not. God is not only before all things, they also hold together in him.

So whenever you are worried, remind yourself of this fact. And when God has been before you, He knows what you are going to face. This might not change the situation, but God has a solution for it. And He had more time to prepare than you had. And He might be preparing you for something that He knows will happen.

All plans of God are good. And He also wants to prepare you for good things.

Lettering text: He is before all things