30DaysOfBibleLettering - Round 3

"Love never fails, etc."
This is a well-known verse. We know that love is the greatest of faith, hope, and love. But what does it mean to love?

The love this verse is talking about means “agape” in Greek--a pure love which also means goodwill. When you read this verse with the understanding that love contains so much more, it seems impossible and very challenging to truly love. Love is patient.

Are you always patient with those you love? Love is kind; it does not boast or envy. There are more things mentioned in this verse, what love means and how it acts, but let’s focus on God and his love.

He never gives an order without a solution. In Romans 5:8 God tells you how you can love the way He meant you to. When Jesus died on the cross, God showed his love for you. When you allow his great love and grace to influence your life, you find a way to love others.

God loved us first - and He still loves us. He loves us exactly the way it is written in this verse. God was never impatient with you, nor did He rejoice in wrongdoing. Nor was He arrogant. You have already received his perfect love. Now it is your turn to give it further. You don’t have to love people out of your own power. You can just give people what you have already received.

Let’s make a difference in this world and love on people that they may encounter God’s love through us. Let’s be patient and slow to anger and let’s rejoice with the truth!

Lettering text: Love is patient