30DaysOfBibleLettering - Round 3

“Our heart”

Whatever you thought about your appearance this morning, put your worries away. What really matters for your day is what your heart is focused on. Are you prepared in your heart? Do you love with your heart? Do you serve with your heart?

Your appearance does not affect how you are able to serve, nor does the shirt you chose this morning affect your ability to love people. It is all about your heart. People may not see it, but it has an impact on them. They feel it. And God? He sees it. He is totally focused on your heart. God doesn’t care about what your shirt looks like. He cares about what you think about yourself and others, and what you think about the shirts of others. Are you looking at other people's shirts or trying to find the real intention of their hearts?

Whenever you are in a situation where appearance matters more to you than your heart or someone else's heart, remind yourself of where God’s eyes are focused. Ask God to let you see through his eyes--to lead you on this path of changing how you see. He can show you new things. But you must want it in your heart.

Lettering text: The Lord looks on the heart