30DaysOfBibleLettering - Round 3

“Jesus is interceding for us”

Jesus himself is interceding for us. But what does it mean to intercede? Intercession is a time where you stand in the gap for someone. You know about a weakness and pray for the person to be empowered and set free.

You stand together to encourage and take away all the pressure. This is exactly what is happening in heaven. All day long. Jesus himself is interceding for you.

Jesus sees your weakness and stands in the gap. He knows the fights against your life and takes those fights on. He doesn’t even want you to fight them. Jesus wants to be your strength. Psalm 18:1-3.

But not just when you are feeling weak, even when you are feeling strong. He wants you to totally trust and follow him. Let God fight your fights, even when it’s not easy letting him fight for you and letting go of the fight you are fighting.

When you understand how powerful He is and that He can take all the pressure off, you will experience one of the most freeing things ever. Just tell God that you are ready to be fought for.

Lettering text: Christ Jesus is the one who died