Tailored Dreams

Day 3 of 8 • This day’s reading

"I was designed for this!"

You created my inmost being. What a statement, what a concept, to think that even your innermost parts, thoughts, emotions, feelings, likes, and dislikes were all created by God, and all have a purpose. You were created to go through the things you go through. You were selected to be exactly who you are. God took his time in creating you, and he took care in making you.

God considered everything you would encounter and equipped you with all you need to not just survive but to thrive. He knit you together, stitched every part of your life together for his glory before you ever left your mother’s womb. That sickness you have that no other young person has to deal with, that relative that did that horrible thing to you, that bully, or that heartbreak you suffered is not the end of your story. It’s not even a climatic point.

Your trials do not mean that God is punishing you. You will make it through this. You are loved, you are capable, and you will survive. God has faith in you. Yes, I said God has faith in you.

He knows that as hard as this is, as difficult as it is to understand you are more than the sum total of your hard times, you are bigger than your mistakes, and you are NOT a mistake. You are an intentional being created by an intentional God, and every tear is watering an intended harvest. Do not let circumstances make you believe that God has passed you by or that he has circumvented your purpose.

We may even at times get mad at God because it just doesn’t make sense. Why did this have to happen like this? Why did I have to endure this kind of pain? But there is a blessing in every storm. There is a lesson, something we learn—we begin to learn that it doesn’t have to make sense for God to make it alright.

To begin to create your design, close your eyes and answer these questions:

1. What parts of my life am I having trouble finding purpose in?
2. What am I mad at God about?
3. What am I “faithing” and what am I fearing?

Think through the “head, heart, and legs” for each item.

Head - What will I need to feed my mind in order to accomplish these tasks?
Heart - How will I build up resilience to be able to maintain emotional strength?
Legs - What habits will I need to form in order to accomplish these tasks?

Prayer starter
God, thank you for all that you have done for me. Thank you for predestining me to be conformed to the image of your son. Thank you for writing my ending before my beginning. I exalt you and believe that your design is flawless because it is impossible for you to fail. I decree and declare my freedom from insecurity. In Jesus’ name, amen.