Tailored Dreams

Tailored Dreams

8 Days

Tailored Dreams will help you realize that you’re not a prisoner to your past, but instead, an architect of your future. As a leader in the making, this 8-day reading plan will help you allow God to style your life, tailor-made to fit your personal passions and interests, versus falling into the course that everyone else expects you to follow. In Tailored Dreams, the book by Daniel Christian Bradley, we use anecdotes and biblical examples to challenge you, and young leaders everywhere, to break free from crowds, identify and embrace your differences, and live a life steeped in God's will. I know you’re an individual with a life waiting to be tailored. Let this plan help you dream in color, and with precision, as you create a life tailored for your personal success and happiness.


We would like to thank Daniel Christian Bradley for providing this plan. For more information, please visit: www.danielchristianbradley.com

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