Tailored Dreams

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"What’s your size?"

One of the most important steps in becoming a tailored dreamer is to embrace your uniqueness. The surest way to embrace your uniqueness is to count your cost. To “count the cost,” you must understand that your creator gave his son’s life so that you may live life abundantly.

He wouldn’t do that for just anybody. He did that because you are more precious than gold. It is the most rare jewels that are worth the most money. You were created to be exactly who you are. The problem is many of us have no idea how to embrace our quirky, wonderful selves.

Knowing yourself in relation to effective dreaming is just as important as knowing what size you wear when you go shopping. As difficult as it would be to find the perfect outfit without first figuring out what size you wear, it is that much harder to live your best life without knowing the strength of your weaknesses. Yes, I said the strength of your weaknesses.

The very thing that you were teased for, or bullied about, or ridiculed for, is the same thing God will use to elevate you. You may be the one that’s too tall now, but that’s because you were designed to do something that requires you to have height. Romans the eighth chapter says that the sufferings of the present are in no way comparable to the glory that is coming.

So how do we know our size? How do we properly design a life tailored for us? The beginning of that process is embracing what makes you unique, then praying that God shows you the strength of it, and finally understanding that your passion is hidden in your frustration. The things that irritate you about the world are the issues that you are designed and called and assigned to address.

To begin to count your cost, close your eyes and answer these questions.

1. What are the areas in my life that I feel insecure about, and how can I find strength in them?
2. What are the things that really irritate me about society in the following categories; at home, in school, in my community?
3. What can I do to create change, bring awareness, or have an impact in those areas?

In order to accomplish this, think through "head, heart, and legs" for each item.

Head - What will I need to feed my mind in order to accomplish these tasks?
Heart - How will I build up resilience to be able to maintain emotional strength?
Legs - What habits will I need to form in order to accomplish these tasks?

Prayer starter
God, thank you for taking time to create me as an individual. I thank you for equipping me for the life you tailored for me. I embrace my differences and find strength in my weakness. I know that when I am weak you are strong. Help me to find my purpose and embrace my uniqueness. In Jesus’ name, amen.