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The Tailored Life

The Tailored Life

5 Days

You are not a prisoner of your past, because God is the architect of your future. So, you have some bad habits, or have made some mistakes. You can have a restart, a second chance. How? By living a tailored life. The Tailored Life is full of illustrations that will empower readers to live their best life, through a tailored life with God. Join me in living The Tailored Life. This plan, based on the popular book Tailored Dreams, is the second plan by Author Daniel Christian Bradley and helps you live out Acts 17:28, ”In him I live, move, and have my being.” Explore how your thoughts impact the success of your dreams. This plan will provide biblical commentary that illustrates how much power our thoughts have over our ability to live a life tailored by God. This 5-day plan will give you a jump-start into understanding that if you want to live better, dream better; if you want to dream better, think better.

We would like to thank Daniel Christian Bradley for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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