Promises For Healing



God provides. He provided for our sins to be forgiven in Christ. He provided for us to experience emotional, physical, and spiritual health. He provided the Holy Spirit so we can receive direction, comfort, and empowerment to follow Jesus and live a godly life.

God provides food, water, shelter, friendship, strength, breath, and even life itself. The truth is whatever we need in life, we can come boldly to God and ask for Him to meet our needs.

Are you physically sick? Then come to God today and ask Him to heal your body. Are you in need of some sort of emotional healing or freedom from an addiction? Then come to the Lord today, for He freely gives His grace to all who ask for it. Are you in need of forgiveness of your sins?

Come to God today through the blood of Jesus Christ, asking Him to cleanse you and restore you to right standing with Him. God provides us with Jesus Christ, so how will He hold back anything less than that?


Lord, I thank you that you provide me with everything richly to enjoy. I thank you for your best gift to me—Jesus Christ—to forgive my sin and allow me to draw near to you. I want to honor you with what you have already provided for me, and be faithful with what you will provide for me in the future.

You provide me with every blessing in abundance. I will always have enough and will be able to share abundantly with others in every good work. I seek you first and thank you for meeting all my needs according to your riches in Christ Jesus. Amen.

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