Promises For Healing



We live in a world that is marred by sin, which means that our bodies eventually wear out and we will eventually face death. Death will come to all of us, but prior to death we experience weakness in our physical bodies, the decay that is continually working in us. Whether cancer or a cold, diabetes or a bone break, we all face some sort of sickness in our physical bodies.

The Bible says that when we are sick, we can come boldly to the throne of God, asking for grace and mercy in our time of need. Though our bodies don’t feel well, God still rules over our circumstances and Jesus still has the power and authority to heal us, not to mention His willingness and ability to do so.

Approach Jesus with faith and expectancy, believing that He still heals the sick, sets us free, and exercises dominion over our physical bodies. We will all eventually die, but that doesn’t mean that Jesus isn’t interested in healing your body today. Confidently call out to Him to bring healing into your life.


Jesus, I thank you that you have both the power and authority to heal my body. I boldly come to you today to ask for your grace and healing power to be at work in my body. I trust that you are powerful and looking for an opportunity to show your power in my body.

Cause this sickness to leave my body in Jesus’ name. I break the power of stress and trauma and release your peace. I speak to every part of my body and say, “Be whole in Jesus’ name.” Function properly—the way God designed you to function.

Jesus, send your word and heal me today. You paid the price for my healing, so I trust that you are at work in me. Holy Spirit, fill every part of me with your supernatural presence. Drive out all that is not good, holy, and true. I receive the healing you have for me today, in Jesus’ name, amen.