Promises For Healing



A challenge we all face is learning how to relate to people and events that don’t meet our expectations. When our expectations are not met, many of us respond in anger. Unchecked anger can cause a person to react in unhealthy ways. Decisions made or actions taken while angry usually lead to greater problems and more frustration in the future.

Everyone has to learn to put these matters in God’s hands and allow Him to bring about a good result in His own time. Releasing the disappointment to God allows you to maintain a clear head and protects you and others from making foolish decisions.

The Bible has much to say about anger—not only about anger itself, but also about how we are not to respond in anger. Some anger is righteous, but other anger is unhealthy and unholy. God wants us to see things from His perspective and respond with His heart.

Instead of anger, let’s ask God to give us patience and kindness. When life doesn’t go as planned, instead of getting angry, see these as opportunities for God to break through in your situation and to transform you and strengthen you, causing you to grow in faith, exhibit the character of Christ more fully, and see God break through on your behalf.


Father God, I give you all my disappointments and things that did not go my way. Heal my heart and make it whole. I repent for my angry reactions to people and events that did not meet my expectations. I lay down all my unmet expectations of ___ to you and I ask you to love people through me regardless of their actions or words.

Fill me with your love and remove all selfish ambition and self-centeredness from me. I leave all the things that trouble me in your hands, and I refuse to give into anger. Lord, I give you my anger and trust you to make things right.

I will not vent all my feelings and will be a person who is slow to anger. Even when I am angry, I will not sin, but will overcome all evil with good, in Jesus’ name, amen!