Promises For Healing



People were created to have a relationship with God and relationships with one another. For those who have been born into the family of God, we are also counted as His friends. How powerful, how wonderful is that personal relationship between God and us.

He is the best friend anyone can possibly have, promising to never leave us or forsake us. Our relationship with God is the most important relationship we will ever have on this earth, and it is more than worth our time to invest into it.

God also created us to have a strong, personal bond with each other—to grow together, laugh together, and play together. Classmates, neighbors, coworkers, family members—friendships develop at all levels and stages of life. True friendships surpass time, experiences, and distance.

God has good relationships for you—friends that will encourage, challenge, and refresh you. The best friend you’ll ever have is Jesus, and He also will put people around you to be His hands and feet to you.


Father, I’m amazed that I can be your friend. I want to be a faithful friend to you and to those you put in my life. Provide good friends to help me grow and develop into what you desire me to be. Bring across my path those you want me to befriend. Help me to have close relationships that are trustworthy.

Fill me with your love so that I can love others with genuine affection, reviving their spirits with encouraging words and thoughtful actions. I cherish the relationships you’ve put in my life. Amen.