Promises For Healing



What is your purpose in life? Only God has the real answer to this question, but for some reason He doesn’t paint a picture across the sky revealing the plan for which He created us. He uses people and experiences to nurture and guide each of us down a unique, customized path.

Some learn their purpose early in life, while others spend a lifetime questioning their identity. Only through seeking God’s will and cooperating with Him can we discover life’s purpose and find the reason for our birth. You never know what impact your life truly can have.

Perhaps the next president of a nation or doctor who will save your grandchild’s life needs a kind word today—not from someone else, but from you.

If you have believed lies about your purpose or that you don’t have a purpose, have faith in God to fulfill His purpose in your life, which is the reason for your birth. Your purpose may totally surprise you. Trust Him. Be a blessing right where you are. Go where He sends you. Speak and touch the person He leads you to. He trains and guides you through life toward His purpose. Follow His direction today, for He created you for great and wonderful things.


Father, you have a divine purpose for my life—something you have created only me to do. I anticipate what you—the Creator of the universe—have planned for me. Help me to trust you and go wherever you send me to fulfill your will through my life.

I resist distraction and the cares of this life that try to hinder your purpose. I leave everything behind and press toward the goal of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. Until that day when I fully realize your purposes in my life and the reason you created me, help me to continue doing your will, making a difference wherever I can for Jesus’ sake. Amen.