Promises For Healing



Some stress is normal; other stress is unnecessary. Taking a test, for example, can be stressful, especially if you aren’t prepared for it; however, that’s normal and the stress is only temporary. However, being involved in an accident, receiving a report of a serious illness, or losing a job brings long-term stress that is not quickly remedied.

Another form of stress can come from physical, emotional, or mental trauma. A physical injury from an accident, abuse, or a weapon can be identified readily, but the invisible mental and emotional trauma is more difficult to uncover. Uncontrolled stress can develop into fear and anxiety, which are meant to control and destroy. Trauma can embed itself into the mind as well as the body.

Thankfully God has given us effective weapons to deal with the stress that tries to control our lives. Reach out to others for the help you need to deal with the stress in your life.

Also place your confidence in God and His provision to keep stress levels at a minimum. Putting all of your cares and concerns in His hands with faith in Him is the only way to maintain a balanced life.


Father, your Word says that if I’m worried and stressed, then I can come to you and find rest for my soul. I take your yoke upon me today and I learn from you, receiving rest from your loving grace.

Forgive me for being stressed out and anxious, not trusting you to take care of my needs. I repent for any resentment and bitterness that I have been holding onto. I receive your cleansing and forgiveness now in Jesus’ name. I trust that you will take care of me, and that long-term stress doesn’t have to be a part of my life.

I command every spirit of trauma, stress, worry, anxiety, and fear that wants to influence me to go in Jesus’ name. Holy Spirit, fill me with your presence right now. Come into every worrisome situation and take control. Whatever is true, noble, just, pure, lovely, and good report, I think upon these things. I receive your peace, your rest, and your grace today, in Jesus’ name, amen.