Worthy-Breaking Free From the Lies of Worthlessness


Believe You are Worthy

Worthiness is in your DNA. God created you to be worthy. There is nothing that you can do to be unworthy. Jesus died for you. He loves you. There is nothing that can separate you from accepting your worth, except YOU. You can, in your mind, confront and kill worthless thoughts. You were given worth the moment you were conceived. At that moment, God chose to love you. 

The Holy Spirit comes into our lives and gives us an incredible way to communicate with the Father. The Holy Spirit continues to work in our hearts to bring light to things in our lives that can separate us from genuinely accepting our worth. The very fact that the Holy Spirit lives in us declares that you are worthy.

The truth is, You are worthy! Because He says so!

As you move into believing you are worthy, you will have a sense of worth. It will be a part of who you are. Worthiness is a gift God has given to you. You have two choices. You can be responsible or irresponsible with this gift. When you accept worthiness, you are being responsible for the things God has given you. When you are responsible, you will start to ACT worthy. You will feel a sense of esteem.

When you believe you are worthy, you will automatically take better care of your spouse, children, and community. When you are responsible, you are responding well. Take a few minutes and ask yourself, what does it mean to you that God Himself believes you are worthy? How does living a "worthy" life look to you?