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Worthy-Breaking Free From the Lies of WorthlessnessSample

Worthy-Breaking Free From the Lies of Worthlessness

DAY 1 OF 7

In the Beginning

The voice of worthlessness can cripple you, even if you have a good community around you. Once the feeling of worthlessness has come into your life, it can infiltrate many areas of your life as you start to question your worth as a spouse, parent, child, or even as a human being.  

From the moment you were conceived, Christ's blood made all of us worthy. Sadly, sin tries to steal the precious gift of worthiness from so many believers. As we take this journey of defying the lies of worthlessness and move our mentality toward accepting the word of God, it is crucial to start with defining worthy, but not the way a dictionary defines it; instead, you need to take a few moments and write down your definition on worthiness and how you have described it in the past. 

My story towards worthiness is not what you might think. I didn't have the "perfect" parents that told me they loved me every day. I was conceived in adultery, which also influenced how I perceived my worth at a young age. Her affair caused the end of my mother's first marriage, and the man that got her pregnant abandoned her. I have never met my biological father, and later in life, I was put in foster homes and abandoned by my mother. Not too long after that, I was sexually abused, which sent me into a downward spiral where I chose drugs, alcohol, sex, and pornography to self-medicate - and I became addicted. I was completely out of control until Christ came into my life, and I began to break free from the addictions that were holding me back and destroying my self-worth. I've been free now for over thirty years.

You need to recognize the voice of worthlessness that has been speaking lies over you. It's time to begin to remove the lies of worthlessness over your life and accept the worth and grace that you already have through Christ's sacrifice on the cross.

You are a worthy child of God. That's true, regardless of your beliefs or behaviors.

Day 2

About this Plan

Worthy-Breaking Free From the Lies of Worthlessness

If the lies of worthlessness have snuck into your soul, then roots of worthlessness can impact significant areas of your life. As you move into your position of worth with Christ, you will inspire others to be free and f...


We would like to thank Dr. Doug Weiss for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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