Worthy-Breaking Free From the Lies of Worthlessness


Prayer as a weapon

Becoming a person who sees yourself as worthy isn't easy. That's because starting to rewire your brain from worthless thoughts to worthy thoughts can be hard work. More importantly, it is consistent work. Remember, it took several events, constant behaviors or thoughts to spiral you into believing you were worthless in the past. It only makes sense that consistent work will be a big part of your belief that you are worthy.

Prayer is a way for you to change yourself behaviorally. For many who struggle with worthlessness, you're familiar with the accusing voice that starts attacking you early in the day. Prayer is preventative. It is a way of acknowledging you are worthy.

One of the most potent weapons you can have to fight the spirit of worthlessness is to pray first thing in the morning and continue throughout the day. If you need help, just use the guidelines of the Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) or speak verses of life and confidence over yourself. Speak affirmations of God's Word regularly. Do not forget to ask Jesus to help you receive and walk in your worthiness during your prayer time. Your prayer can help you realize how He sees you on a daily basis. 

Those who struggle with worthlessness are in a fight every day, especially the first thirty to ninety days, which is the most challenging period of renewing your mind. So, make sure you connect with Jesus.  Every day of knowing and believing you're worthy is a miracle to thank Jesus for personally. 

It is essential to begin and end your day in a spiritual place. The healing from worthlessness is spiritual in nature. Since you were born spirit, soul, and body, it is crucial to engage your spirit on this journey of accepting your spiritual worthiness in your life.