Worthy-Breaking Free From the Lies of Worthlessness


Believe Behavior

The maximized thinking technique is easy to understand. Ask yourself daily, especially during the first sixty to ninety days on your worthy journey, "Is this the most I can put into my journey today?" If the answer is more "yes" than "no", you will find yourself progressing through your journey to worthy quite well. Maximized thinking plays a big part in the early stages of the journey toward worthy thinking. These Five Commandments are an excellent way to determine if you are applying maximized thinking or some other approach to what may be the most challenging task of your life — breaking the shackles of the feelings of worthlessness.

1. Pray in the morning

2. Read

3. Calls

4. Meetings  

5. Pray Again

Those who consistently maintain these suggestions as much as possible will make tremendous gains with maximized thinking. I have watched those who struggle with worthlessness choose maximized thinking in their journey and experience a much healthier lifestyle. 

Remember, you have not resisted sin unto death, as Christ has for us. Think, "What is the best I can do to become and stay free for Him since He has given His best for me?"