Worthy-Breaking Free From the Lies of Worthlessness


Phone a Friend

As a Christian, you know the body has many parts. You need another person with whom you can check in and be accountable while on this journey. 

Remember, James 5:16 says: "Confess your faults…so you may be healed." The reverse is also true. Keep your faults (secret thoughts, behaviors) to yourself, and you will stay sick! 

When you believe or behave sinfully, you keep yourself sick, which can cause more worthless thoughts to resonate in your heart. You must push past your comfort zone to become and stay healthy. There should be no "lone rangers" in the Christian walk, and there should definitely be no "lone rangers" in your worthy journey, if worthlessness has had a stronghold in your life. 

Remember, if you humble yourself, you can be free and experience the true feelings of being worthy. Taking time to make a daily phone call and saying, "Feelings of worthlessness are attacking me," is a big task all by itself to accomplish. When you are not alone, you are accountable, and you allow others to mentor you and pour words of life into your heart. We all need relationships. Part of the battle is making phone calls, feeling connected and getting acceptance right at the beginning of the day. If you can make a phone call early in the morning, you will find strength in your day. 

Like prayer, calling a trusted friend is a tool you can use to help yourself get stronger. The people you call may benefit just as much, if not more, than you will. Make a phone call every day. You do not need to philosophically agree with this concept or have a good feeling about it to decide if you will do it. This phone call serves the purpose of accepting your worth in Christ for the rest of your life. You are worthy of love, respect, honor, and a great life.