Worthy-Breaking Free From the Lies of Worthlessness

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Fighting Worthlessness

Fighting worthlessness with pictures is an effective way to help you combat the times feelings of worthlessness want to creep back in. Many times worthlessness will try to sneak back in through pictures. Worthlessness knows how your brain works. Pictures are powerful - whether they are positive or negative. Vivid, reinforced images are quickly accessible to the brain's memory.

A helpful picture for combating worthlessness is envisioning the following: 

You are having personal success: enjoying yourself, your marriage, family, career, and other relationships and activities. 

As someone who has experienced the positive picture of being worthy and living a happy, fulfilling, and balanced life, I know this picture helps fight off a worthless attack when the feelings of worthlessness want to rear their ugly head.

Take a few minutes today and write out what you think your life would be like if you were to maintain thoughts of worthiness in your life. 

You could include the following situations in your response:

1. The friends you would have

2. Your career

3. Your marital status

4. Your relationship with your children

5. Your health

6. How you feel about yourself

7. Your spiritual lifestyle

8. Recreational interests or hobbies

9. Anything else you see for yourself in a positive future of being worthy