I Believe; Help My Unbelief


This, brothers and sisters, is not just a sweet whisper in the ear of God’s people. This is an awesome event for all time and all people. They would have expected his splendour to maybe be at least some sort of cloud/fire/burning bush? At best wouldn’t you wish for a king!

Of course, we recognize this display of splendour as God in Christ: the Divine Word become flesh; full of grace and truth; God visiting our neighbourhood in Jesus Christ.

But this display of glory is even bigger than that. This is an epic celebration of not just God in Christ … but God’s Kingdom come to earth. Our reconciliation and God’s Lordship. This is what God’s people have been getting ready for … for 1000s of years. All mankind, together, witnessing the splendour of the Lord our God. 

You pray it, don't you? God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven


Awesome God, I want this panorama of hope, this worshipful celebration, to shape the way I live. In and through me and all your people show off your splendour and honour today.