I Believe; Help My Unbelief


Isaiah is a richly poetic book. We’ve listened to voices and messages. Words now tumble off the page in questions. 19 questions in 19 verses. It’s a bit like the prophet is taking God’s people by the shoulders and shaking us, asking 19 times: Have you been paying attention?

First shake (rhetorical questions): Who could have calibrated and collated the cosmos? Imagine a handful for the Atlantic; a handful for the Pacific; a spoonful for planet earth and a quarter cup for the Milky Way; the Alps and the Rocky Mountains; and oh, why not throw in the Himalayas too. Mighty Creator!

In Isaiah 40:1-11 there’s good news for God’s estranged people. But to them and God’s people through all the centuries words and comfort can seem empty, can’t they? Here we see God’s strategy to stir up the hearts of those who’ve lost hope. Behold our God!

When have you felt God was silent or far away? 


Creator God, cultivate my awe of you and my confidence in you through your majestic creation.