I Believe; Help My Unbelief


This is salvation language to those well-familiar with Isaiah. It’s like asking: Who could ever imagine the saving work of God’s Spirit or the divine plan? 

Well, now we do know how crazy God’s salvation plan is. Indeed, who could have possibly imagined this image of the invisible God?

God fathering a son?

A scandalous virgin birth.

A dirty incarnation:

Hear the screams, sop the blood,

Cut the cord, wipe the crud;

Wrap him warm, let him suck,

Kiss his lips, rest him rough.

Welcome humble God-child.

Welcome to our neighbourhood.

Graced with eyes of faith

Here we see your divinity

God of our amazing salvation story, we are being shaken to our knees by these big questions. 

The American theologian Francis Shaeffer said Christian faith means bowing twice: first to God as Creator and second as Redeemer. How does this inspire you to live and share your faith?


God of mind-blowing plans, finish the new creation you’ve begun in us until the whole world is lost in wonder, love, and praise.