I Believe; Help My Unbelief


We’re finally up to everyone’s favourite part of the chapter. The final shake. The final vignette of God’s glory. The final Do you still not understand?

Don’t you get that the Lord of eternity whose hands did THAT … and THAT … and THAT in creation … (reviewing vs12-27 in your mind’s eye) he is never … weak … or weary. On the contrary, he energizes the weak and weary. 

I have a friend who was languishing. Her husband, taking care of their three little ones, sent her off for some time alone. She said, I walked into the beautiful, quiet hotel room and thought, now what? Pulling out a notebook, she began to write everything for which she could thank God. And she didn’t stop until many pages later. When we remember the truth, our hope grows roots. 

This chapter was written for languishing people. Alongside the comforting gospel, God’s strategy for his hopeless people was to remind them of the truth. Behold our glorious God.

Seasonally, the mighty eagle’s feathers are renewed. What’s something about God that has refreshed you to persevere in the race of life?


Creator of time and author of truth, keep refreshing my hope so I trust and treasure you today and into my tomorrows. To those around the world who are languishing, whose faith is being tested, give perseverance and clarity of your truth and character.