I Believe; Help My Unbelief


I’m not a soccer fan … but if only you could have heard the rest of our family celebrating when Liverpool won the European Championship. Our heroes are back! Fans had lost hope. Would Liverpool ever win again? I guess that’s about as close as some people get to this too-good-to-be-true, Jerusalem-home-town excitement.

Whatever your culture, you’ll have archetypal scenarios of ‘hero returns’. Hey, look! Here comes our mighty God! It takes your breath away. It’s meant to. Our God-supreme is back!

And this is breathtaking too – my favourite part. Look who’s with him. The reward he has won. A massive, messy flock of rescued sheep. The flock of the redeemed that he’s gathered to himself. He’s shepherding them. He’s lifting the lambs and carrying them close. He’s tender-caring for the mothering sheep. 

We’ve come full circle back to God-supreme who’s reclaimed his people and calls us ‘mine’. Take a deep and restful breath. 

Choose a phrase from vs 10-11 and sit with it/repeat it/chew on it.


Mighty king, I’m astounded and grateful to be the reward you won. Gentle shepherd, needy as I am, nurture me, carry me, lead me, protect me, restore my soul…all this for your honour.