I Believe; Help My Unbelief


Isaiah 40 is more than God’s love letter to his people and prophets comforting the hearts of God’s people. Can you hear the preacher shouting God’s message? “Something/someone’s on the move, so get ready!” 

I’ve done a lot of moving. Lots of saying hello and goodbye. Lots of getting ready. Getting ready to welcome our kids home is about as exciting as it gets. It used to be when they were 6,7,8 … coming home from boarding school. Now they’re grown up and I still get dizzy with excitement. Anticipation is half the fun, isn’t it? Getting ready. You make beds, fill the fridge, write lists of things you want to do or talk about together…

This time there’s no bag-packing. This is an examine-your-hearts get ready. It’s relational. It’s a remember-God’s-covenant get ready. With the pot-holes of sin and injustice fixed we lay the red carpet for his awesome arrival in our hearts and lives. Are you ready?


Amazingly, you have settled in my heart, Spirit of God. Forgive me for being so distracted by the bag-packing details in my life that I forget to treasure my relationship with you.