I Believe; Help My Unbelief


This is a question of lament. The kind of questioning we read of in Job. We, whom he has named his own, still question his presence and care. Where is God? Does he even care about the misery of my life?

Lord, help our unbelief.

In the mid-1700s, two hymn writers became friends: one, a former slave trader. God rescued him and he became a preacher and a pastor. The other was a man with kingly status, a well-educated lawyer. God also rescued this man while he was recovering from deep depression. The pastor welcomed his friend to live with him so he could care for him… especially in his times of depression. This pastor’s advice to his friend has been good advice for me in my dark times. Rehearse the truth in the good times so you won't believe the lies in the hard times.  (John Newton and William Cowper)

What truth from Isaiah 40 will you rehearse today?


You hear my sighs and lament, Lord God. Remind me of your rich character and teach me deeper truths, especially when I’m languishing.