I Believe; Help My Unbelief


OK! Here’s where you get an extra vigorous shake. It’s the language of WAKE UP! PAY ATTENTION! And it’s not rhetorical questioning. Again, in vs 28: Don’t you get it? Are you even listening? 

I’m sure it’s not just me who ambles along chatting to my walking partner (who … will remain nameless) and I realize he’s not paying any attention to my conversation. Did you hear what I just said? And, snap! Like that, he repeats exactly what I just said. Automatic replay. It’s a great gift– automatic replay. It could almost fool me into thinking he was listening. Truth is, (and he’ll tell you this too), he has a head full of busy thoughts of his own. Don’t we all. We often hear … but we’re not listening. Or we see … but we’re not paying attention. Or like Israel, we know … but we’re just too depressed to tell what’s true.

Has anything in Isaiah 40 shaken you into wonder? Or maybe this chapter has fallen deaf ears, a limp heart, and a foggy mind.


Mercifully, keep shaking us to pay attention; to wonder. And, Lord, help our unbelief.