Finding Rest in the Good Shepherd

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The Value of the Shepherd

Psalm 23 is one of the most recognized chapters in the Bible. Millions have memorized these verses. For some, the words of this Psalm have been the last they would ever speak or hear. Yet, with the popularity of these verses, how often have we truly personalized its words to our own life?

Psalm 23 begins with a declaration that "The Lord is my Shepherd." Everything that follows in this Psalm builds upon this foundation. A shepherd is in charge of their sheep and responsible for them. This passage comes alive more than ever when we know the Lord is our Shepherd. 

After establishing that God is our Shepherd, the next expression the Psalmist David makes is, "I shall not want."

In a world full of instant gratification and, the desire to have more gets to the best of us. When God is our Shepherd, we have a certainty in His provision and security for our life.  Even in the worst of times, God is our stability, strength, protector, and provider. 

We should find extreme confidence in our Shepherd's ability to provide for His sheep. Because of His goodness, we do not lack anything we truly need.

Stop listening to other shepherds.

Sometimes, there are other shepherds in our lives, other voices desiring to lead and direct how we feel and act. These voices promise a better life than we are currently living, but they do not have the authority to provide goodness in our lives. No other shepherd is worthy of being followed. All others will eventually prove lacking.

Only God, the Good Shepherd who laid down His life for His sheep, is worthy.