Finding Rest in the Good Shepherd


Green Pastures

Our lives are overflowing with anxieties and fears caused by an ongoing pandemic and growing unrest in the world. As we continue to read one of the most familiar passages of Scripture, pause and reflect on God's Word and how it can refresh our souls in times of uncertainty.

Psalm 23 shows us what life is like when the Lord is our Shepherd. After affirming the Lord will adequately supply all we need, the Psalmist, David, finds hope and comfort when being led through life by the Good Shepherd. 

As our Shepherd, God leads us to green pastures, the place of provision and plenty. For sheep in the Middle East, pastures are a welcomed sight. Far from a desert wasteland or a dangerous rocky mountainside, a pasture is full of delicious, green, nourishing food.

God leads His people to the place of His provision and even allows us to lie down there. Green pastures are not a place that we rapidly pass through but are seasons of refreshment and rest. We get to lie down and rest in green pastures.

The imagery is that of resting in the place of plenty. Life is not always easy, but God will lead us to seasons of "plenty," sustaining us during times of difficulty. As we allow Him to lead us, He will enable us to spend time in pastures of peace and restoration.

In difficult times, God will provide green pastures for us. The Good Shepherd will always lead us to the place of provision and allow us time to refuel and prepare for whatever may come next. The Shepherd leads us to these places for a reason and His purpose. So take advantage of your time in green pastures. Feast on the riches of God's Word, peace, and grace.