Finding Rest in the Good Shepherd

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His Eternal Dwelling

Whenever we follow someone, it means we will always find ourselves somewhere. As a believer, we should know where we are going. When the Lord is our Shepherd, we follow the One who knows the very best destination, and He can get us there. He not only knows the way; He is The Way.

He is leading us to His eternal dwelling — a place He has prepared especially for us. When the Lord is our Shepherd, our life’s purpose and journey are fulfilled as it ends in the place God created for us. It is the place God desires for His children.

A place where sickness, death, sorrow, and pain will no longer exist. It is a place absent of the chaos caused by a fallen world, and the sins of our broken humanity. A place we will experience the fullest satisfaction, the greatest joy, and the perfection of love. 

What could be better than dwelling with the Good Shepherd? Remember, if the Lord is our Shepherd, we shall not want.

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