Finding Rest in the Good Shepherd

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Places of Victory

There is no doubt that there are battles in life that we must fight. It is non-negotiable. The Scripture clarifies that we are engaged in a "not against flesh and blood" fight but it is spiritual. We also must fight against temptation, our fleshly nature, and the fallen structures and enticements of this world. We have an enemy who comes to kill, steal, and destroy, who prowls about like a roaring lion, who is a sworn adversary both to our God and to us. The Bible tells us to "fight the good fight of faith," but we cannot avoid the battle.

As such, it is imperative to be led by the Shepherd who can lead us to victory. The Good Shepherd is the One who is able and willing to lead us to places of victory in the battles we fight. Psalm 23 tells us He prepares for us a feast as our enemies observe. He anoints our head as one especially chosen. Our blessings overflow and His goodness and mercy toward us never ends. Our Good Shepherd is always faithful.  

God will take our battlefields and turn them into banquet tables. In the very presence of our enemies, He prepares a feast for us! Our enemies cannot keep us from enjoying the delights that God provides for us. He also anoints us. Biblical anointing was for the sufficient authority and power needed for a specific role or task or healing. In the battle, we have the anointing of God. He provides healing for our wounds and all the resources we need for the task at hand. Our Good Shepherd leads us to places of victory.