Finding Rest in the Good Shepherd

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Still Waters     

Psalm 23 explores the different places God, our Shepherd, will lead us. When we say that the Lord is our Shepherd, we acknowledge that He is the One we follow. We surrender to His leadership in our lives.

God leads us to still waters. Still waters are safe. It's not a scene of dangerous, strong torrents of water. Nor a scene of raging currents but instead peaceful waters. Many translations use the term "quiet waters" to describe this place where God will lead His people, and the literal translation is "waters of rest." This is a place of quiet stillness and rest. A place of refreshment and restoration. A place where we can safely replenish and find renewal. A place where God will "restore our souls" Imagine such a gift!

When we follow the Lord's leading, we will always have times of rest. We will have moments of refreshment and times of healing in which God restores our souls.

We all become exhausted from time to time. Our emotional, physical and spiritual reserves can dry up. As a result, we grow tired, maybe even discouraged or depressed. But, when we allow the Lord to be our Shepherd, we can be confident that He will not allow us to lose fuel and run dry. Instead, God will always lead us to the waters of rest, where we can be refreshed and renewed.