12 Study Devotional By Hillsong Young & Free


“When the Fight Calls”

You’ve overcome this world with love
And made my fight your own

Have you ever had a favorite movie that you’ve watched over and over again?
There is most likely some sort of plot or twist in the middle which is sure to leave any first-timer throwing their popcorn in the air or emotionally hanging on in suspense. But you don’t fret or get flustered because you know how the movie ends.

In life, everybody has good days and bad days - days that you wish you could relive over and over, and other days that you wish you could forget. When we believe in Jesus, it doesn’t mean that all of life’s storms magically disappear. Instead, when the storms come we can find ourselves anchored in the truth that Jesus doesn’t leave us in the midst of our troubles and our pain, but he has already overcome them and therefore we have a way through our hardships.

We know how this story ends – with Jesus leading the victory parade and us right beside him.
So when trouble comes, we don’t have to be afraid and without hope. We don’t have to be overcome by our situations, because through Jesus we have been given the power to overcome.

We can find joy in the midst of our trials, and peace when life is unstable; courage to stand and strength to keep on keeping on. For we have this anthem we can sing loud through the battle -
“Jesus has already won.”

1) Think about how an anchor works. How can God’s word be an anchor for us?
2) Is there a storm that you’re currently facing? What does God say about it?
3) How can you encourage someone in your world this week who is facing a storm in their life?

Write out a verse from the Bible that will help you this week, and put it in a place that you often look at as a reminder of God’s promise - like your pencil case, your phone screen saver or on your bathroom mirror.