12 Study Devotional By Hillsong Young & Free


"Where You Are"

Your love, like nothing I've seen
My wildest of dreams don't come close

Have you ever been so out-of-your-mind excited about something (like seeing your fave band live or that movie you've been waiting all year to see), and then when the moment comes it's even greater than you ever imagined?

The Bible says God's love is like that - uncontainable, inexpressible, beyond anything we could even begin to dream of.

Society over the years has always tried to define love - it looks like this, it feels like this. We write songs about it, we make movies to express it, we read magazines on where to find it.

In the end it all boils down to that one question we all ask:

'What is love and how do I get it?'
Maybe we've been asking the wrong question... maybe the eternal question has never been 'what' but 'WHO' is Love.

God is Love, and we can know this Love because it's found in a personal friendship with Jesus. And when we find Jesus, we find this Love beyond our wildest dreams.

1) Think about an experience that you've had that you really loved - how did you feel?
2) How is Love often defined in society today?
3) What does God say about Love & how do we find it?

This week, how can I find Jesus in my everyday life?